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Are You Thinking Of Moving House To Ireland?

27 August 2014

Ireland is a wonderful country, full of so much culture and heritage. Whether you have Irish family ties or not, you will find moving to Ireland a truly pleasurable experience. Northern Ireland and Ireland itself are quite politically different and have different backgrounds and histories – these are some things to take into consideration when planning your move with removal companies Ireland. As well as the emerald green hills and shining white coastlines, Ireland has a lot of beautiful scenery. Contrasted with the lively city life, the country has something for all tastes and lifestyles. Both the city and the countryside has been inspiration for some amazing literature and poetic works – moving house in Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland will show you why it is such a celebrated nation.

If you are based already in the UK, you will want to be on the lookout for moving companies UK, maybe ones which also offer storage in London or the city you are based in. This is because it could take a few, long distance trips to move you over there and you want to make sure your belongings and furniture are well looked after by a good quality removals and storage facility. This is a really helpful thing to know about because if your house is already sold or under offer, you don’t want to delay the process by having your things laying around in there when the new buyers want to move in.

The distance between London and Dublin is over 360 miles, including a short stretch overseas. For this lengthy journey, it will be absolutely necessary to have your boxes packed up as well as possible. It would be the best idea to employ the help of a company which can provide packing services and packing boxes; this way, you can be sure you are going to be arriving at your beautiful new home on the Emerald Isle with every single breakable flawlessly in-tact! It might take the edge off the excitement a little if they weren’t. And for that reason it cannot be stressed enough that professional packing and robust cardboard boxes are used. You need someone on hand who knows how best to pack musical instruments, plates, furniture and other valuable things. You can find UK removal companies who can provide you with packing material such as polystyrene padding and other softening materials which will reduce any impacts on the goods in transit.
The prices asked by different removal companies for this sort of journey would vary dramatically. For example, to get a taxi one mile down the road, it’s likely you would get a narrow range of estimates, provided that the drivers were all honest; however, when it comes to a journey as long as London to Dublin, there are so many more factors involved. This means you could be looking at a wide range of quotes, ranging from reasonable to astronomical. Be on the lookout for this, and try at least five different UK movers before you make a final, binding decision. Remember that part of the journey will also most likely be done over the sea, also; the removal company will be factoring in the costs of ferries and suchlike, so make sure they are to be trusted to shop around amongst the commercially available prices online, and do some research yourself regarding how much it would cost you if you were to make the trip with your own vehicle and expenses. Use that as a guideline so you aren’t taken for a ride by bad companies.

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