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Best Advice For First-Time Furniture Removal To Bayswater

27 August 2014

If you’ve chosen to relocate to the London area of Bayswater, but you have absolutely no experience in house moves, you need to find the proper removals services for your relocation. The biggest task of your move will be moving furniture – it needs proper packing, the right techniques and supplies and professional handling (packing, loading, unloading and unpacking). The London removal service has to be a reputable and experienced company – fully licensed and registered, a mover that won’t rip you off for a badly done job. One of the things you should know is that the furniture removal is not always tough, but it’s quite pricey. However, if you are planning to buy new furniture, it’s best to invest in it right away. For example, if you buy your pieces from Ikea you will get Ikea delivery to your new home, which means that you don’t have to deal with the move and the packing yourself. This is quite a big advantage that you need to think about.

If you are downsizing, there will be other factors to consider. First, go through your belongings and take the list of the inventory – this will be needed when discussing the cost of the move with the company’s representative, as well as the size of the moving truck. Do you have too many items that can’t possibly fit in your new home? If that is the case, don’t despair – throw away the ones you will never use again, sell or donate the ones that are in good condition, but useless to you and what you are left with is the actual problem. Second, think in terms of design and space. You can use the home to its full potential, if you think creatively. Third, buy some pretty boxes or made the ones you have into a piece of art where you can store your items. Another way to deal with the lack of room is to rent a storage unit until you decide what to do with those items.

As a beginner in the moving process, you should keep in mind that this business is ever growing and there are plenty of moving companies to choose from. However, not all of them are to be trusted. The signs of a rogue mover are all or some of these: a refusal to sign a written agreement or giving you one that is full of clauses you don’t fully understand, demanding that you pay only in cash, demanding for a considerable percent of the money to be paid before the moving day, delays or postponing the process, a team of movers who don’t talk to you much and don’t answer your questions, being charged for all sorts of accessorial services and details, no insurance. Even just one of these signs is enough to understand that you are dealing with an unreliable and unprofessional mover.

For your first-time move it’s best to choose the moving company based on word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend or a relative. This way you will have the peace of mind that things can’t go wrong and you will be guaranteed a well-done job for your money. Don’t get frustrated or stressed – millions of people move every year and this has become one of the most normal human experiences these days, so there is nothing to be worried about.

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