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Choosing a Storage Service for your Croydon Move

27 August 2014

If you are planning to relocates to Croydon and have a large amount of things to move, will not be able to move straight in to your new home, or are moving to the CR, SE, or SW area from outside London and have a long distance to travel, then using self-storage services in the local area could be a huge benefit, and make your relocation that little bit easier.

Choosing a Location
It goes without saying that you’ll want to choose a facility that is as based in or as close to Croydon as possible. The best way to check this is with a quick internet search, which should give you an idea how many facilities there area and where they are located in the local area. It’s also advisable to check with your moving company to see if they offer storage as well. Many companies do, and you might end up paying less for an all-inclusive service. Once you have narrowed your search down, compare the services offered and see which best fits your requirements. Most companies have specific opening hours, and although generous, you may need more specialist storers if you need to get your items at particularly unsociable hours In order to get the best deal, make sure you shop around when taking your requirements into account, and keep an eye out for special offers!

Don’t use storage space needlessly
It’s worth double checking what really needs to go into storage before you commit to anything. Only go forward if you are sure you will be making good use of a storage facility. If for example, you have lots of old or unwanted items and goods – don‘t store them. A much better option is to sell them or pass them on to charity. By selling them , not only will you create more room in your storage space, but also hopefully make some extra money that can be put towards the cost of storing what you really need to, or contribute to other aspects of your Croydon move. Also, be aware that most companies have a minimum time period that you can store your things for, so again, carefully consider whether using storage will be advantageous to your relocation or not.

Check on security arrangements
While nearly all storage companies will do their best to have secure facilities, make sure you are fully aware of them and are comfortable with what is in place. Some storage facilities are located in more industrial areas, and you may not feel safe having to load/unload your items there during unsociable hours. If you have very delicate items, such as a piano, make sure that your storage company can provide a space that will not damage your items. A space with a regulated temperature would be required for a piano, for example. This brings us on to insurance. Be clear where you stand with this issue before committing anything to storage. In some cases, your home insurance may cover your goods, but most companies will also offer insurance on top of storage costs. As this costs extra, make sure you are getting the cover you need.

Ease of Access
As mentioned, storage companies will have varying opening hours, so make sure that they are in line with your requirements. Generally, you will be able to get access outside of opening hours as long as you give the company some notice prior to this. Again, consider your needs. There may be extra costs involved in hiring storage that permits 24 hour access, yet you probably won’t need this kind of service for moving home, unless you plan on arriving at your new home very late in the evening etc.

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