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Do You Really Need Antique Removals Services?

23Dec 2014

Antiques are more than just “old items” – for the people who possess them, they are extremely valuable. Regardless of whether you have an antique or vintage carpet or very precious painting, you will want to make sure it stays safe throughout the removals process.Do you actually need antique removals services for that, though? Even more than that, is there any company that can provide you precisely with this kind of service or is it included in the “sensitive items” relocation services? Read on and find out more about why you would purchase this kind of service when relocating. •    Yes, there are companies that will be able to make sure that your antique or vintage items get to their destination in one piece. Ask your movers about how this can be done and about what precaution measures they will take in order to help you keep your valuable items safe. •    Antique and sensitive items removals are available both for those who move offices and for those who move homes. Regardless of the category in which you may fall, hiring this kind of service when moving away will be extremely helpful. •    Antiques tend to be extremely sensitive from multiple points of view. Keep in mind that most of these items are almost 100 years old (if not older) and this means that they will be “weaker” than new items. They have to be handled with great care because otherwise you risk having them ruined by the time they reach their destination. This is one of the most important reasons to hire someone that will know how to handle the task no matter what. •    We all know just how stressful removals can be. It doesn’t matter much if you are moving three blocks away or on a different continent – moving will still be the kind of experience you will not necessarily want to repeat very soon. The whole packing, unpacking, searching for a new home, for good removal services and then trying to settle in – all these things are time consuming, confusing, energy consuming and they can lead to anxiety and stress. Don’t burden yourself with yet another thing to worry about and talk to your removal company about your antiques and how they will be transported to the new destination. •    Talk about the option of having a professional de-install and install your antiques if they are more complex. Removing them as they are could put a lot of strain on their structure and it is much more preferable that someone de-installs everything the “textbook way” so that you lower the odds that something bad happens to your antiques. •    Also, remember that the way your fine art and antique belongings are packed can mean a lot for their safety. Make sure you talk with your people about this and that you rest assured that your antiques will be packed in a way that protects them from the various accidents that may happen along the way. Also, talk to the people you have hired and see if they can unpack the items as well – so that you are 100% certain that everything is done the right way. •    Having the people you hired move the antiques in a professional and cautious way may cost a bit more than a basic service, but it will be worth it. Just think of how much those items are valued at and you will understand that paying a bit more for your service will definitely be the right choice when moving.

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