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Downsizing Your Home: Hire Streatham Self Storage

27 August 2014

We’re all living in times when a majority of the necessary items, and the gadgets and devices we use are not only getting smarter but also diminishing in size. Nowadays, everybody wants more value from the products they buy and the best possible returns from every dime one spends. So, it follows that if you need to squeeze out more space out of your home for storing your possessions and assets in a safe manner, you can always downsize your home.

These days, the concept of home downsizing has caught on in a big way as people are changing homes and relocating more than ever before. So, for the purpose of temporarily storing one’s goods and possessions whilst relocating, Streatham self storage box packs and units are proving to be indispensable. You might also need to downsize your abode and transfer or store all your valuable belongings in a store-room or attic when you’re travelling, partying at home, renovating or refurbishing your house. Or simply, you need more space in your residence to house your new purchases and downsizing seems to be the best possible solution.

So, irrespective of the purpose of your downsizing, self storage service provider can meet all your storage needs by supplying self storage box packages and packs that are not only durable but safe as well. Furthermore, these self-storage units made from best quality cardboard are perfect for loading up and stacking. These boxes and packs come with handholds that make it convenient to carry them over long distances almost effortlessly.

You just need to make one call or drop a mail to self storage Streatham store and all your storage requirements will be taken care of. From helping you select the right storage box for all your possessions to assisting you in packing, the above mentioned establishment will fulfil all your self-storage needs. On your end, you’ll just have to inform the company in advance regarding the address where you need the self-storage services. The company at its end will help you determine the storage space you require or the number of self-storage box packs and units you’d need.

The company can also supply you with the complete range of materials you’d need for packing like tapes and padlocks at best prices. The facilities provided by this provider of self-storage products and services are:

•    The storage branches are open for all days of the week and most of these branches are open round the clock
•    Storage facilities constantly monitored by CCTV and most storage or packing units are wired to smoke and fire detection systems
•    You’ll only have to pay what you’ve been billed as there are no hidden charges for instance you won’t be billed for round the clock access
•    You won’t be pestered for buying any insurance policies or any other product besides your basic requirements
•    There is no need to make a security deposit whatever be the payment schedule or plan
•    Prices will be very competitive
•    You’ll get what you have been promised

This frontline provider of self-storage packs and boxes will be able to extend quick and reliable services if you:-
•    Make payment by debit or credit card and avoid making cash payments
•    Provide a ‘photo ID’ like your passport
•    Provide an address proof like your telephone or electricity bill or current bank statement
•    Provide your name and the address (that is distinct from your current address) with your mobile number and email id
•    Make a list of the items that needs to be packed or self-stored

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