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Moving House To Barnes – Tips For Loading The Truck

27 August 2014

After you’ve booked the moving truck for your relocation to the London area of Barnes and you have successfully packed your belongings, it’s time to plan the moving day and make sure it’s all sorted out. There are many details to think about, but the biggest job is loading the moving truck in a safe way. One of the things that you must understand is that the moving day starts quite early in the morning, especially if there is a long journey ahead of you. This means that you should be all packed and ready to go the evening before. Make sure that everyone in the family has a good night’s sleep, because the moving day is long and tiresome. One of the rules of moving house is to be patient – a moving truck takes ages to be fully loaded, especially if you are not using professional assistance. In that case you need to get yourself some straps, moving blankets and dollies.

Make a list of all the boxes that are in a similar size and can be grouped together. Understand that the big furniture pieces and the major appliances should be loaded into the truck first – they are the heaviest so they need to be positioned right next to the cab. Move the heaviest and largest items and boxes first and try not to lift with your back, but with your legs. After moving heavy boxes for a while your back, legs and arms will most probably hurt. Keep the items in upright position and think about the balance inside the truck between both sides.

Get some furniture padding to add protection to the surfaces and corners of the pieces. Padded protection also helps sliding heavy items into the truck. Next, move the longer items, such as headboards, long mirrors, box springs, mattresses, sofas, etc. Place them against the long walls upright. Disassemble the bed frames, but keep the small pieces in sealed plastic bags. Roll the carpets and wrap them with stretch paper – this will protect them. After the furniture pieces, continue with loading the heaviest and largest moving boxes. Some of them you can place on top of appliances and furniture, under tables and desks. Place the smaller and lighter boxes on top of the heavier ones and finish with loading the fragile and awkwardly-shaped items. After knowing the basics of loading a truck, sit down and plan it – step by step and box by box. Call some friends to help you with the loading and make sure you are careful enough. If anything could break, it will break – if you shake the boxes too much or don’t use enough padding.

The moving truck that you hire should accommodate at least 10% more than your current shipment – this way there will be enough room which is always better than too little. Dollies of various sizes are absolutely essential for a safe moving day. Don’t overload the dollies though as this way you risk injuring yourself anyway. Always remove the contents of drawers and cabinets before moving them. On the moving day wear comfortable clothes and shoes and drink plenty of water. Use blankets, towels and pillows for padding and make sure there aren’t many voids between the various furniture pieces inside the truck.

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