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Moving the Food

27 August 2014

Without realising it most people have tens or even hundreds of pounds worth of food in their kitchen. From tins to refrigerated items there is a fairly large amount of value there and the last thing you want to do is to leave it or waste it so here is a run down of the things that you need to remember to make relocating your kitchen as easy as possible.

The first thing you need to do is be aware of what you actually have. There are probably a fair few dried ready meals and tins that you had completely forgotten about so make sure you know what it is that you have several weeks in advance.

Once you know you can start to plan your meals to include these items so that they are either depleted or entirely gone before you move. Some proper organisation means that you aren’t lugging unnecessary items around or wasting anything helping to increase the efficiency of your move.

As you get closer to your moving day you can start to think about the practicalities. If you are just moving a short distance then perishable items, even those that need to be kept cold can be moved with you in a cool box, but obviously don’t do a full shop the day before you move. Keep the weight down so eat the meat and vegetables in your fridge and then pack the butter, the cheese etc.

If you are moving further afield then all the perishables might as well go. You can always live off your tins for a couple of days until you get yourself up and running in your new place so empty it all.

Either way make sure you turn your freezer off in plenty of time for it to defrost (frost free freezers do not have this problem and can be kept on). Whether you are going a long way or a short way the last thing you want is the freezer to defrost in the van and cover your other possessions in water. Water can cause an awful lot of damage so don’t make your move any more stressful than it has to be.

Tins and spices etc can be packed relatively easily into boxes because of their shape but still make sure you do things sensibly. Try and keep spices, savory and sweet tins separate, just as they will be in your new kitchen. Remember the more efficiently you pack the easier unpacking will be after you move so label everything clearly with both the contents and the room it is going to and don’t make boxes too heavy.

With your fridge and freezer the next thing you need to ensure is that they are safe and manageable to transport. To do this, use cardboard and bubble wrap to protect the corners (and your other belongings!) and strap the doors shut. Adjustable straps, strong cord or even duct tape are fine for this task, but if you are using the tape make sure you don’t just use little strips. Wrap right around the back of the appliance to ensure the door doesn’t spring open while it is being carried or moved.

So there it is and as always the trick is to plan, plan and plan again. You cannot be too organised so however you tend to do things make sure that you are up and running early and have a clear idea of what you need to do.

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