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Moving to Belsize Park – Tips for an Easy Relocation Process

27 August 2014

Belsize Park is located in north West London under the borough of Camden, (postcode NW3), and is home to some of London’s famous parks. Hampstead heath and Primrose hill are both located nearby, making this a popular spot for Londoners and tourists in the summer. To make sure you get settled into the area with the minimum of fuss, there are some useful tips that can help your relocation run as smoothly as possible.

Clear out old and unused things

It’s best to get rid of any old items before you move for a few reasons: Firstly, they will free up space in your current and future home, and mean you can use your removal vehicle’s space more efficiently. Secondly, you can try selling anything that you don’t need, and put the costs towards the moving budget. This can be really handy for paying for a man in van for example, or simply contributing to the removal company costs and so on. There are plenty of places online you can sell your goods, or you could even pop along to a local car boot sale or fete etc.

Organising your packing and special packing requirements
Before you start packing anything, try and sort out anything that might have specific packing requirements or be very delicate. These items will normally not be in everyday use, and can be set aside from the rest of your things. You can then get these packed safely and securely, before moving on to the other goods. Generally, try packing the least used things first, working your way towards the most used as you approach moving day.

Boxes and containers for packing
If you are particularly thrifty, then you might have some old boxes from previous purchases. These are ideal for moving home, as they are designed to fit the goods you bought them in perfectly. If you need more boxes, then try asking at your local grocers or newsagent, as they will often give you unwanted boxes for free. Another useful tip is to label all your boxes clearly. Mark the contents and the room the contents belong in. Doing so will streamline your packing and unpacking, and make sure all goods from the same rooms are kept together for an easy unpack.

Investigate potential removal companies
The best way to find a good deal is to gather a few different estimates. This will give you an insight into prices in general, and leave you to choose a company that is in your price range and that meets your moving requirements. It can be handy to keep the number of a man in a van too, for any last minute space problems etc. They are often very flexible and will only charge you by the hour. Try asking anyone you know who has moved recently at work or in the family too, as they may have recommendations.

Have a removal budget
Trying to stick to a budget means that hopefully your relocation won’t cost an arm and a leg. Even if you are forced to go over budget a little, having a guideline budget will mean you won’t end up spending needlessly and will only opt for the best value services. Although costs can quickly stack up, you can save a fair amount of money by selling on old things, making use of a man in van where possible, and doing your own packing, as mentioned.

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