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Moving to Dulwich, who to Tell

28 August 2014

Moving to Dulwich is an exciting journey, whether you are buying or renting a house, living so close to the capital city is remarkable. During the excitement of your move, however, do not forget to do one very important thing, tell everyone you have moved. Not doing so may result in whoever moved into your old home receiving your letters and having some sensitive information about you, this could potentially open you up to identity theft. Here is a list of who you need to tell about your move:

• Employer: You will need to change your address on things like payslips straight away.
• Friends & Relatives: Don’t forget to tell your family and friends of your move so that they can send anything to your new address.
• Local Authorities: you will need to update your records with the local council for council tax purposes.
• Schools: your child’s school will need to be informed of your address change in case any letters are sent out to you.
• Driving License: you will need to make sure you get a form for the DVLA and change your details with them, these are available at post offices.
• National Insurance: these records should be updated.
• HM revenue and customs: make sure that HMRC knows about your address change, especially if you get correspondence from them often.
• Tax Credits / Child Benefit: Tell the authority who pays the benefits to you, if you don’t change your address with them your payments could be delayed.
• Dentist: you may need to find a new dentist if you have moved far from your old one.
• Doctor: if you are outside the area of your current doctors, you will need to register everyone in the family with a new one.
• Optician’s: in order to receive your reminder letter for eye tests and any other correspondence you will need to change your address.
• Vet: If you are going to continue to use your current vets you will need to change your address with them, alternatively you will need to register your pets with a new one.
• In order to protect your money and prevent potential identity fraud you should contact the following financial institutions:

o Your accountant
o Any Banks or Building Society’s that you use
o Any credit card companies should be contacted
o Any loan companies you are currently in debt too
o Solicitors

• Contacting your utilities is very important as you want to ensure that you are paying only for what you have used in both properties. Call all electricity, gas etc. companies and tell them of your address change and the date that you are moving, and before you leave your old property and when you arrive at your new property, write down any meter readings. You should advise the following that you are moving:

o Your electricity company
o The gas company
o Your home insurance provider
o Any other insurance companies you may deal with
o Pension
o Telephone, broadband and satellite television provider
o Television licence authority
o Insurance on vehicles.

• Anything that you have delivered to your home or that collects things from your home, this includes but is not limited to:
o Milk delivery
o Newspaper deliveries
o Television or appliance rental companies

• Remember to contact Royal Mail and have all of your post re-directed to your new property, that way if some post does accidentally get delivered to your old address, it should be forwarded onto you.

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