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Moving to the E14 Area with your Partner

28 August 2014

You and your partner have decided to take the plunge and move in together, you’ve kind of lived together for a while but now you want to make it official and buy property in the E14 area, well congratulations! Whilst it is a very exciting time for you, you should always bear in mind that condensing two homes into one is going to mean a lot of compromise and decision making over what stays and what goes, this may lead to a lot of fallings out.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your relationship and make sure that moving in together is something you want to do, as it may mean getting rid of your stuff and investing in property it isn’t a decision that should be made lightly, if you are in any doubt, consider renting a place for a while and putting the stuff you can’t move into the new house into storage while you ‘trial run’ living together.

The next step is to make two lists of the things that you each have within your homes. The first list should contain the big things like furniture and appliances and the second list should contain everything else. Once you know where you are going to be living you will have a better idea as to how much space you will have and therefore how much of your stuff your new home can accommodate.

If you have more than one of something, for example, if you have 2 cookers, which is bound to happen, you are going to have to make the decision as to which one you are going to keep and what you are going to do with the other one. When deciding which one to take with you think about the décor of the home and which one will fit in most, but more importantly consider what condition each of them are in, if they are of a good quality and choose the one that is going to last the longest.

Make some time to go through your belongings together and choose as a couple what you furnish your new home with, try to be diplomatic when you are deciding whether or not to keep something and consider the sentimental attachment your partner may have to the item. Here are some useful questions that you and your partner can use when making your decision:
• Do we ever use this?
• Do we need to keep it? Do we have something else that does the same job this does?
• Is it sentimental to either of us?
• Can we accommodate this in the house? Does it fit in with the décor?

Hopefully there aren’t many possessions that you disagree on, but always be patient, if you are having second thoughts about getting rid of something it is likely that your partner is too, so if your other half does change their mind and decide to keep something, try not to be too annoyed, and avoid sticking your heals in and arguing about it.

Once you have decided what you are taking to your new home, get a blueprint or a floor plan of the property and start sketching in where you want all of your stuff to go. Make sure that all your stuff will fit in the new house, that it won’t be too squashed in the home and that you can do things like open all doors, wardrobe doors etc.

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