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Office Removals Sutton: What Removal Service is Right for you?

28 August 2014

If you own your own business, you may at some point have to relocate your office. This could be because your business keeps growing and growing, or it could be that the property where your office is becoming too expensive to maintain and you need to downgrade in order to save money. Whatever your reason, no matter where you are in the country there will be multiple removal companies operating in your area. What removal service you need will largely depend on the individual circumstances of your business. Let the text below serve as a brief guide to what option will be right for you.

The most common Sutton removal service used for commercial removals has to be hiring a large Sutton removal firm. These are professional removal services who will come into your office, load everything into the van, then unload it into your new office. Large removal firms are particularly handy if your office is a big one. As they provide a team of professional removers, if you have a lot of office items to transport all the extra labour makes the job go that much smoother. As larger offices will most likely have a much larger budget to work with when it comes to hiring a removal company, they really are the best option for those who have been charged with the task of relocating a relatively big place of work.

Large removal firms will also – most of them anyway – offer you temporary storage of your items if you require it. If, for example, your move-out date for your soon-to-be old office is a day or two before your move-in date for your new office, you might require temporary storage for all the desks, chairs, computers, and whatever else you have to transport. For an extra, usually discounted, fee Sutton removal companies will provide these items with temporary refuge in their secure storage warehouses.

Another benefit of using large removal is that they can offer you an insurance policy. Whatever insurance policy you have on your current office will probably not cover damages incurred during the relocation. It is best to check if your insurance policies will cover it, but most will not. As removal firms are large businesses, they will be glad to offer you an insurance policy, which will mean you will be fully compensated if anything were to be damaged during the move.

Large removals firms are, however, quite costly. If you’ve set or been given a large budget for your office relocation, then don’t hesitate in booking a removal firm – it will the easiest and most stress free way to transport all your office items. However, if you are working to a limited budget and/or your moving from a small office to another small office, then consider the services of a Sutton Man and Van company when it comes to moving offices. Man and Van companies are much cheaper than hiring out a removal company. With rates starting at around £15-20 per hour for a 3.5 tonne (this price will vary depending where you are in the country), if you can load up the van, fit everything in it and then drive it to your new office within an hour, your move will be considerably than if you hired out a large removal firm company. Beware though: hiring a Man and Van company will mean you will lack the man power that large removal firms will give you.

The final option is to hire out a vehicle to drive yourself. This will be cheaper than a removal firm, but more expensive than a Man and Van company.

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