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28 August 2014

If you decide to move house you are taking on a huge task, maybe without realising. Moving all your possessions from one place to another can be a real strain and have an impact on family relations if you allow it to get on top of you. For this reason many people choose to outsource these problems to someone else, a removals company. There are nearly 70 million people in the UK alone, which means, there may be hundreds of thousands of people moving house each year. This thankfully has led to a rise in the number of removals companies and a lowering of their charges. Making sure you get the best price when hiring a 3rd party to move your belongings can seem as difficult as the move itself. This article will help you understand the different options available to you and stop you paying for services you don’t need.

Pro Packing – It is now possible to have a company pack all of your belongings for you while you sit there with your feet up. This service will certainly cost you a little extra, but when you think of the time this will free up, it can only lead to reduced stress throughout the move. This service will usually add £100 – £300 onto your charges, depending on the amount of packers and packaging you require. It may seem like a hefty amount, but having a professional pack your possessions correctly can save the heart ache broken items can cause.

A rough guide on prices – Let’s say you live in a 4 Bed detached house and require 3 large wardrobes, 4 beds, 2 TV’s, 3 dressers, fridge, freezer, cooker, sofas, 20 boxes of miscellaneous item, garden furniture and garage items to be moved to your new address. You will most likely require 3 – 4 removal men, 2 large vehicles (possibly inc trailer), 3 – 4 packers and full item insurance cover, this could cost you anywhere between £600 – £1200. Now immediately you would think, £600 is surely the one to go for as its £600 cheaper, but just because a company is cheap, doesn’t mean they are any good. If you are transporting some very sentimental or expensive items, you may wish to pay a little extra and go with a more reputable removals company.

Leave it clean – Some companies may offer a ‘Post removal cleaning’ service, where they will clean your old property from top to bottom so it is ready for the new occupants. Some people would argue “why should I clean it if I’m leaving?” well simply because it is a nice gesture and you would like to think that the person you are buying your new house from has the same good will. Also, if you are renting the house you are leaving, you may be required to leave the property in good condition in order to get back any security deposits you may have paid. So this service is definitely one that should be taken advantage of if its available, it will normally cost you £80 – £200 (depending on property size).

Storage – Many removals companies offer a storage facility, this can be very useful for people who are down-sizing or maybe can’t move into their new property straight away. Your possessions would be stored in a safe location, usually with 24hr security. You will pay around £15 per week but many companies charge you on the amount of items you wish to store, so shop around for the best deal. It may be cheaper to use a separate storage company and removals company, but don’t forget if you use many services from one company, there is always the chance of gaining a discount if you know how to haggle a bit.

Take these services and estimated charges into account for your next move, make sure you don’t pay over the odds or for service you don’t really need. Always shop around to get the best deal, online you will find thousands of removals companies in all countries. Some companies will also transport your belongings abroad for you.

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