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Speeding Up Your Office Removal: Tips And Tricks

28 August 2014

The matter of moving into new business premises can be quite a difficult one. Not only are you going to have to pack away your office and move it into an entirely new place, but the time which it takes is often one which can impact on your business’s efficiency and the amount of work which you are able to get done. Because of this, many companies choose to hire in a professional office removals company to help them move into a new building and office space. As well as this, there are a number of tricks and tips which can make sure that you get a great moving experience for your business and can ensure the continuing productivity of your company.

If you are aware that there will be a move coming soon, then it can help to place one person in charge of the moving experience. In a domestic removals situation, there is always one person who is in charge of the move and they are the point of reference for the move. In an office this can be more complex due to the more people involved in the process. As such, it can be hugely helpful to appoint one member of staff as the conduit through which all of the moving process passes, allowing them to remain on top of the moving experience without having multiple people getting their wires crossed and getting confused. If you want to make sure that the move is efficient and easy, allowing one person to be in charge of the move as an overseer type can help every flow far more smoothly.

Once you have established who will oversee the move, it can help to prioritise the items which will need to be set up first in the new office. Depending on the type of business which you run, there are likely element of the office which are far more important than others. It might be your phone lines or your computers, but making sure that these items are the first to get your attention when moving into the new space means that you can focus on getting the business back up and running as quickly as possible and can get back to being effective as a company. By making sure that you prioritise there items, you can ensure that your business is able to function in some capacity for a larger amount of time. Once these items are in place you can take the time needed to get everything else up and running and make sure that your company has everything they need to move.

One of the most difficult parts of any move into new offices is letting customers know about the move. If you are unavailable for a certain amount of time then it might lead to annoyance and disinterest on the part of potential customers and can lead to less revenue being generated. As well as this, those who visit your office might find that they are going to the old premises and are left confused and annoyed. In order to prevent this, it can be important to make sure that everyone who you deal with is aware of the move well in advance and aware that there may be a small period in which you are not contactable. Setting up ways in which to deal with this – giving out mobile numbers and setting up work emails on mobile devices can help make sure that you can keep in touch with important people while moving into a new work space.

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