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Storage Options in Kingston upon Thames

28 August 2014

When moving house, there can be a great many things that we forget about until the moment at which they are forced in front of us. Working out whether your current crop of furniture and belongings will fit in to your new home is something that you are unlikely to have at the front your mind, as it is a nuisance in comparison to the much more fun and creative aspects of changing property. With this realization that there are many more boring factors to keep in mind, there may come the need to think about your storage options in Kingston upon Thames.

Storage is not for everyone, and many will use it for the sake of not having to make a decision about what to do with the items that will not fit into their new places. The best thing to do is live an uncluttered life that fits your means, with no extraneous items floating around in expensive lockers that are easy to forget about. You don’t want to be thought of as a hoarder, so before looking in to storage, consider getting rid of your items, there are plenty of ways…

If you have expensive things that you will not be moving in to your new place, and you do not think you will need them in the near future, then selling things on is easier than ever. Internet auction sites pull collectors and opportunists from around the globe to one place, where your items will be seen by thousands, should you label and describe them accurately. If you have an item that is worth something, then listing it well should mean that you get the right price for it. There are many websites that are used regularly by the collectors of all sorts of things, so be sure in the knowledge that you are getting the right price.

If your items are perhaps not as valuable, then a yard sale is a good option, as are car boot sales. Pricing your items cheaply should mean that you shift a decent volume and get a decent few pounds for ridding yourself of much of your junk. Anything that you do not sell, can go straight to charity or the recycling plant. Do not take anything to the tip, as it is wasteful and bad for the environment.

If you have rid yourself of as much as you can, and you feel like you still need storage, then consider how much you need, and what kind you need. Units out of the city will cost a lot less than lock ups in the centre of town, but make sure that the distance that you have to travel is not too great, or you may find that the fuel costs outweigh your savings!

Be aware that some storage units may be susceptible to certain conditions that may not be right for your items. If you are using storage it is likely for things worth money, and therefore you should not risk keeping them in a unit that could be prone to damp or severe temperature changes. Fluctuations between hot and cold can warp wood and other materials quite considerably, meaning that certain bits of furniture will not sit right, and some instruments will be detuned. Be wary of a lockup with gaps in the joins, as they may have problems with vermin and the like. For this reason, never store food stuffs, and wrap soft furnishings well!

We hope that your move is a pleasant one, and that you feel more at ease with the idea of storing your goods having read our handy guide… Good Luck!

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