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Summer – The Perfect Season for Moving to a New Place

28 August 2014

Undoubtedly, summer is the best season to decide to move to a new place – home or office. A bit before or after the summer vacation, but still during your holidays. Statistics show that this is the time that 98% of people choose to relocate. This is quite normal actually, weather conditions in summer are far more appropriate in summer rather than in winter, during the coldest season of the year there are more holidays, children start going to school, we go to work, etc.

That is why if you are planning on moving during the summer contact the man and van company at least two – three weeks earlier to book your appointment so that they can arrange their schedules because, as mentioned before, this is the busiest time of the year for these companies. The earlier you book your appointment, the easier you will be able to define your budget and the more time you will have to follow the advices the people from the company will give you.

There is one very important aspect of the removals in summer. During that season prices for the man and van companies services are a bit lower compared to other seasons. This is so because of the fact that conditions in summer are not as hard as in autumn or winter. The traffic on the road is not as heavy due to the fact that people are on their summer holidays. And this is the most convenient time for the whole family because, as mentioned above, you can schedule your summer holiday in a way to do the removal. This is also the most suitable time to move your children to a new school if you are moving to a new hood or even town, much better rather than during the school year. And in addition, the fact that your children do not have lessons to learn and home works to do (it is their summer vacation after all) allows them to help you with the packing. It is a very wise idea to check the weather forecast a few days before the removal to make sure the conditions are appropriate. No matter it is summer, summer rains and even storms are an ordinary occurrence and the humidity of the air may cause damages to some of your items if you have not prepared them for wet weather.

And besides doing removal during a rain or even worse, a storm is not the most pleasant task to do. So if it is possible, try to avoid it by choosing a sunny day or at least a day that promises not to be raining. If you have already decided to move to your new home, follow this advice – do it in summer. You will save yourselves a lot of nerves and stressful moments that the unpleasant winter conditions may cause you. And what is more – you will save your budget, as every man and van company offers lower rates for their services during the summer.

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