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The Long Distance Move - Packing Tips

28 August 2014

When it comes to moving house there are plenty of tasks to plan and do, but the biggest one is packing for the move. Even if you have a small house or flat you still need to make sure that your belongings are safely packed and loaded inside the truck or van. When you are doing a local move you could even transport some of them with your own vehicle and everything seems much easier and quicker. Doing a long-distance move, however, is much harder – in terms of preparation, performance and budget. The mere fact that you will travel separately from your belongings leaves you no other choice but to trust the mover completely. If you decide to do the packing on your own in order to save some money from the long-distance move, there are certain techniques and rules that you should follow.

1.    Packing Materials:
Before you inform yourself of any specific packing techniques, you need to gather the right packing materials, supplies and tools. Since a long-distance move means a longer transportation of your belongings, you need to be extra sure that they are properly packed and protected inside the moving truck. Your task is to prevent any movement inside the truck and inside the boxes which can easily lead to breakage. This is done with quality packing material: sturdy cardboard moving boxes of different sizes depending on the content, bubble wrap, linen, newspaper, shrink wrap and many others.

2.    Packing Techniques:
Pack room by room and box by box. Place items of one type in a box and label it. Gather fragile items and wrap them in few layers of bubble wrap, plastic bags or plain paper. Put enough padding on the bottom of the boxes before arranging the items. Place heavier items in smaller sized boxes and lighter ones in bigger boxes. Arrange plates, cups and glasses in dish boxes and fill the voids with crushed paper or bubble wrap. Pack a bag or a box of essential items for the first day or two after the move at the new place. Use straps and tape to secure the doors and lids of major appliances. When moving big furniture, use a dolly and moving blankets. Disassemble furniture pieces such as tables, cabinets and beds and keep all small parts in plastic bags taped to the furniture. Wrap upholstery in shrink wrap to prevent it from any damage or scratches. Inside the truck place the heaviest pieces of furniture and appliances at the far end and put bags of clothes between them to prevent movement on the road. Put the biggest boxes on the bottom and the rest on top of them. Utilize the whole area so you can move everything with one trip. A long-distance move means a longer transportation so you need to double check everything. As long as you pack items the right way you shouldn’t worry about them.

To sum it up, the basics of doing a successful long-distance move include: hiring a reputable moving company, taking the inventory, gathering the packing material, having plenty of help for the packing process, using the right techniques, staying organized and not stressing out much. A move can never go as smoothly as we’d like it to, but with a quality preparation we can have quite a successful one.

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