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Tips for Your Relocation to Wimbledon

28 August 2014

Facing a house move to the area of Wimbledon, in London? Whether you are moving on your own, with a spouse or with your children, the relocation will bring lots of pressure, stress and change to your daily life, so you need to make sure that you know the basic steps and the little details that can make or break a move. Here is a full list of steps and useful tips on what you need to do.

Choose the date: The approximate time of the move should navigate you and you need a date when you start asking for quotes and calling moving companies. It’s best to choose a date in the beginning of September, when the fees are not as high and your children can have an easy transition from their old school to the new one.

Research the moving companies: The business with relocations is growing and companies emerge all the time. Not all of them are to be trusted though. You need to look for a reputable company, with plenty of experience in house moves, which will offer you full coverage and professional service. The safety of your belongings must be your primary goal, not the quote. It’s important to have a few determining factors, except for the fee or you could easily fall prey to rogue movers who would do anything to get the job. Beware of companies who insist on paying before the move is complete or who only accept cash. Get at least three quotes and compare the services and the references of the movers, before you make your final choice.

Pack on the go: If you have decided to pack on your own, you could start any day you want. Since there is more to be done than you imagine, you need to start by taking the full inventory and sorting out all your belongings, according to what will be packed, what has to be thrown away, recycled, sold or donated. This will take between a few days and up to a week or two. Items that have sentimental value, but no use anymore will be hard to part with, but you need to realize that paying for packing materials and moving these is just unreasonable.

Get a blueprint of the house/flat: This is quite important, especially if you are downsizing, as it will help you plan what to take, what to replace and how to arrange your future home the best way possible. With a little bit of creativity and some designer thought you will manage to downsize stress-free.

Plan all the rest: Your children will have to be signed to a new school, you need to cancel your utility services and schedule the new ones, so you don’t end up moving to a house without any electricity, heating or phone. This would be a true nightmare, especially when you have to unpack and sort out everything else.

Warn the neighbors: Once you know the exact moving day, let your neighbors know, so they can move their cars from the parking lot or any other obstacles on the way of the movers. The moving day shouldn’t have any delays on your side or you will pay extra.

Follow these basic steps and your move will be successful and easier than you’d imagined.

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