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WC2 Man with a Van Services: The Benefits of Using Their Removal Services over Others

28 August 2014

When it comes to moving house, you should be sure to sort out your removal transport as quickly as possible. As soon as you know your move-out and move-in dates, that is when you should be researching your transport options and then booking them. After all the stress of finding your new dream home and getting someone else to take your soon-to-be former property from you, the last thing you want to happen is to find all WC2 removal services are fully booked up because you’ve neglected it for so long. Leaving it until the last minute will inevitably leave you stressed, and the last thing you want when you’re moving home is additional, unnecessary stress. It is of paramount importance that you sort your removal transport out as soon as you know what day you are planning to move out.

When it comes to your removal options, unless you are already the owner of a spacious vehicle, you really only have three options. The first of which is to hire a WC2 removal firm, the second is to hire out a vehicle to drive yourself, and the third option is to hire a Man and Van WC2. Each service has its pros and cons, and what service is right for you will largely depend on the individual circumstances of your individual move. Man and Van services have become increasingly popular in recent years, and below is a brief comparison of their service as compared to the services provided by removal firms and vehicle self-drive hire companies:

Removal firms vs. Man and Van services

The first and most outstanding advantage of hiring a Man and Van service over a removal firm is the price. A removal firm will charge you anywhere up to and beyond £200 to hire out their relocation service – maybe more, maybe less depending on where you are moving to, how long you require the service for, and what size vehicle you require. Compare this to the price of a Man and Van service – roughly £25 an hour for a 3.5 tonne van and one man to help with the labour costs as well as drive the vehicle – and you can see why Man and Van services have become so popular in recent years. Granted, paying extra for a removal firm service means you will receive a more hands-on and comprehensive service. But if you do not require such a hands-on service, there’s really no need to pay over the top of your removal transport.

Man and Van service are also much more beneficial than removal firms when the relocation is a local one. If you are just moving around the corner, then using a Man and Van service means it will only cost you around £25 to move everything you own from one property to another, if you can transport everything in under an hour.

Vehicle self-drive vs. WC2 Man with a Van services

Man and Van services are, again, generally cheaper than hiring out a vehicle to drive yourself. Hiring out a 7.5 tonne vehicle for ten hours to drive yourself will cost you around £100. Most vehicle hire companies won’t let you hire out the vehicle for a period of time less than this. So if you are only planning on using the vehicle for a couple of hours or so a Man and Van service will be a lot cheaper.

Another benefit of hiring out a Man and Van service instead of a vehicle to drive yourself is that you, needless to say, don’t have to drive it yourself. Driving a big van requires a certain level of confidence in your own driving ability.

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